Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Backyard Forays Day 1

Note: Posts are backdated to the actual day of the trip.

As I had alluded last week, I was going for a week long tour around Kuching. Typical my way, go tour must have a lot of cool girls around. Or else the trip will be so so so boring.


And in a Kuching tour, what’s a more Kuching way than to start off with the iconic Kuching Kolo Mee and Teh-C 3 layers, which are food that can only be produced by creative and ingenious Kuching people and found nowhere else in the world.


Then it was time to wind back the clock for a sampan trip across the Sarawak River from the Chinese side of Kuching to the Malay side of Kuching to take photo of the Chinese side of Kuching. Sounds convoluted I know, but no, Kuching people are not racist. In fact we really live in harmony. Anyway, taking sampan was the cheapest way to travel nowadays at 30sen per pax.


Next on the itinerary was a stroll through the colourful and uneven sidewalks of Carpenter and Gambier Streets right in the heart of the city. Most of the shops here are largely left unscathed by the savagery of time that passed ruthlessly by, giving us an insight of the good old days as our parents used to remember them.


To escape the wildering heat, we stopped by another Kuching icon, the paradoxically named open-air market (it had a roof) to sample some more products of Kuchingnites creativity. We had the Metahon and White Lady, two very delicious variation and way tastier version of the Ais kacang.


Then of course its the cat we must visit. The most famous landmark in Kuching, not taking a photo with this feline is as good as saying your trip to Kuching was a delusional illusion. There’s no way to prove to someone else that you are here without this kind of photo.


Towards the late evening, its a trip to visit another statue, this time of a guy named Zheng He. He was closest thing Malaysia has to the statue of liberty.


Day ended with dinner at peach Garden Jalan Song where they got to sample other exotic food of Kuching, most notably Tomato Mee and Salad Chicken Rice. Oh wondered why the picture is so dark? No, not that Earth Hour had arrived early. The eatery had a blackout! First time in history I experienced a blackout while eating outside. The girls must have something to do with it.


That concluded an exciting first day to my Kuching Rediscovery Tour.

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