Sunday, March 15, 2009

Singapore and current muses

It doesn't pay to be over-superstitious. The other guy I know who viewed 13 as a lucky number, a certain AAB, decided last year to dissolve the parliament he head on February 13, and set the duration of the campaigning period as 13 days. The end result, as we know, fast-tracked his retirement. He is poised to retire at the end of this month. No wonder every time I put 13 in lottery ticket, it never came out.

That was what I surmised after reading a book about March 8, the day where the political landscape of the country got changed forever.  I was at MPH for more than two hours yesterday, wondering aimlessly around thousands of books trying to look for something interest to read and cheap to buy. MPH was fast becoming my favourite hanging place in the Spring shopping centre. But I really hate their exclusive 'member's only' discount thing. How you expect me be a member where in Kuching I don't get to enjoy "member's only reading lounge" or "coffee shop".

Oh I guess I should talk a little bit about my Singapore trip, since I told everyone that I am going there last time. No, I didn't get to see the Merlion. Sentosa proved a bit too far.

Here's some photos:


Me in front of some chopped of buildings. Haiz... this is what will happen if you had to ask a certain girl to take photos. At least I looked nice.


Some very delicious Singapore fares. I admit Singaporeans are more creative when it comes to food. Not like Kuching: either laksa, kolo mee or kuay chap.


Talking about Kolo Mee...this place do sell Kolo Mee. Can't resist posing in front of it. But > RM10 for a bowl? No way!


My cousins and me enjoying the food.


Some very yummy Japanese food! Travelled to Orchard Road just to try the noodles with oozing cheese and eggs topped with mayonnaise. Delicious.


Another certain girl told me that the KFC in Singapore is different to the KFC in Malaysia. Not sure about M'sia, but Singapore chicks sure is fitter and slimmer compared to Melbourne ones. Just order the winglettes and compare!


Met up with Kheng Ying and she had such a huge case of karaoke withdrawal syndrome that we just had to go and sing.  She sang for 4 hours straight.


Kheng Ying also said that we should celebrate a certain busy PhD candidate's birthday despite we are not in Australia. So I took this Swensen B'day Ice-cream photo and she ate the ice-cream. Happy Birthday Robin! And yes, she said the ice-cream tasted really really nice.



Oh, afraid that she will be bored, I took the little yellow something out too. She now had been to Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore. Gosh she is so lucky to be with me.

In conclusion, my Singapore trip were too short. When I first decided to go for a week, I thought it was too long. In fact, the opposite was true. I like Singapore for it vibrancy. For in Singapore, I feel alive as there are just so many people bustling around, with a sense of purpose in their strides. In contrast, Kuching feels somewhat too relaxed. But they said relaxed people live longer..

Anyway, I was back since Wednesday. This post took too long to write up coz I spent most of the time watching Spring Waltz, the final instalment of the "Four Seasons" Korean drama after Winter Sonata, Autumn in my heart and Summer Scent. I loved the scenery more than the story.


A certain thought flashed through while I was at Episode 19. How come in Korean movies, the male leads always manage to find single unattached beautiful ladies??


changyang1230 said...

Haha how could you go to Esplanade and not see the merlion? It's like just opposite each other.

Phiaw said...

haha i thought the merlion that kena struck by lightning is at sentosa ^^

Phiaw said...

oops my bad. U r right as always. ^