Sunday, March 29, 2009

Backyard Forays Day 6 & 7

The last two days were mainly catch up activities and spending time together as Kuching just have only so many interesting places to visit. Hence we went to the most happening place again - The Spring where we spent time sipping bubble tea and gazing at Sugar Bun.


After some shopping,  we adjourned to Big Apple for coffee and doughnuts.In my opinion, the doughnut tasted like sugared you-tiau.


Dinner was Western food at Chef-at-home with family.


Day 7 started with a Dim Sim breakfast at Causeway Bay Crown Square.


This was followed by a Karaoke session at Enter-K.


Where we also took a photo by a sink. 


At night it was time to say goodbye to Hui Bing and Kheng Ying. 


Zhi Wei only went back a day after, hence she got a trip to the newest Starbucks in town. Too bad I forgot bring my camera again or there will be some interesting pictures. There concludes my very enjoyable Kuching Rediscovery Tour.

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Anonymous said...

yea, good times pass by fast le... btw, enter-k was really pretty le, but too bad no 'huai ren'. haha. we shall go again ya ;)